Skills based Programs

The focus of Village Family Success Center has been around social skills building through educational workshops and support group activities to provide social learning experience to individuals and families. Our life skills groups aim to strengthen social connections, parental resilience and emotional competence. Community education events include major Family Forum relating to dealing with cultural issues in the USA, preventing child abuse and neglect; workshops on advocating for your children in the public schools and training a variety of Union County providers on cultural competency. 

The following programs fall under our life skills activities:

  • English as Second Language (ESL) classes are offered during the year to help program participants improve their English and achieve better social integration into the American culture.
  • Computer classes with a focus on online job search and basic computer literacy.
  • Healthy Relationships workshops to help couples maintain positive interaction.
  • Workshops on financial literacy
  • Parenting skills  – Parents groups are provided on a continuous basis to help parents improve their parenting skills and facilitate their child psychosocial growth. For parenting skills training program, the center uses the Strengthening Family model ,as an evidence based curriculum aiming to improve parents management techniques and decrease children’s problematic behavioral patterns.
  • Support group with seniors – The center also runs activities for the Foster Grandparent program which gives some older members of the community the opportunity to share their skills and their love by working with their own youth programs as well as pre-schools throughout Union County.
  • Social activities to emulate positive children-parents’ interaction.
  • Fatherhood Program -The village staff has been trained on the fatherhood initiative to conduct support groups with fathers. The goal of this program is to strengthen father’s skills to better nurture their children by being good dads.

In addition to those activities, the center organizes yearly events during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Thanks Giving, and Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ day, the summer family trip, holiday dinners and parties…

For registration to any of these events, please call the center at 908-469-9508 or send us an email